What is the current Philosophy on Computer Based Training?

It is our belief that computer based training (CBT) will become the primary means of training in the 21st century, due to its increased efficiency and companies dwindling training resources. In a time when companies are asking their employees to "do more with less", CBT is the perfect way to effectively train all of your employees without spending days in the training room.

In order to be effective, CBT must meet the following criteria:

  • Compliant - Regulators require that training  meet the intent of the governing regulation.
  • Facility specific - Generic safety training often does not provide enough pertinent information regarding the employee's worksite.  OSHA requires that you train your employees on the hazards present at your facility. Generic CBT courses often do not provide enough specific information.
  • Entertaining - To be effective, you must keep your trainees attention. There is no better way to do this than by adding your own videos and photographs to the training.
  • Customizable - To satisfy government regulations and to increase the effectiveness of the training, you need to be able to provide site-specific conditions and information.

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What is Computer Based Training?

CBT uses the computer to create, deploy and manage training information.  By using computers linked to the internet or an Intranet, a company can deliver high quality, cost-effective training programs anywhere in the world.

CBT utilizes interactive and multimedia technology to enhance a training program. It allows users to navigate through the material, respond to questions, listen to sounds, watch a video, view special graphics and explore hyperlinks to related topics.  CBT is highly customizable and flexible. You can certify understanding using built in quizzes.

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What are the benefits of CBT?

Reduced Cost
Companies can train remote employees without the added expense of travel, hotel and car. There is no cost associated with paying a specialized instructor. Conference rooms or remote locations do not have to be reserved for numerous people or multiple training sessions. Employee's do not have to come to training on their off hours, thus reducing overtime expenses.

Enhanced Efficiency
Existing literature or marketing literature can be reused and organized in one location, where employees can access it from anywhere in the world. Training can updated almost instantly from a central location. The problem of per diem employees, weekend only staff, volunteers and physicians is eliminated.

Customizable and Flexible
Programs can be tailored to meet specific company objectives and regulatory compliance, from job specific competencies to OSHA Hazard Communication.

Certify Understanding
Since employees learn at their own pace, there is an increase in retention of the material presented and a decrease in the amount of learning time. Through computer based testing, companies can certify that their employees have an understanding of the industry or company requirements.

Build on your Investment
Organizations spend thousands of dollars each year maintaining computer systems, networks, peripherals, etc. Computer based training utilizes more fully the capabilities of the computer to deliver more than just internal communications. Organizations can deliver training and information to anyone, at any time, at any location in the world.

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Why Choose EnviroNet for Your CBT partner?

We provide organizations with high-quality, cost-effective, customized CBT programs. We work with organizations to define their lesson objectives, prepare a course outline, determine instructional approach, design the layout, develop the program, determine most effective deployment method (LAN, WEB, CD), test and deploy your application. We can host your training on our Environet4learning.com virtual classroom.  Nothing gets loaded on the client machines. All you need is a modem and a browser. When using a Learning Management System (LMS), in conjunction with your computer training applications, you can electronically enroll students, track progress, set pre-requisites, set passing scores and print your own reports.

EnviroNet is your total training solution provider!!

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What about Instructor-Led Training?

While CBT satisfies most training requirements, there are still situations in which instructor-led training is a necessity (i.e. fit testing of respirators, hands-on portion of Hazwoper). CBT will not replace instructor led training, but it can greatly reduce the amount of time required to be spend in the classroom. When you need assistance with the face to face or hand-on training, our professionals are experienced and adept trainers, with over 20 years training experience.

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