1) Accessing the Site

If you are having trouble accessing the elearning site, this may be due to your computer settings and/or browser settings. The following link will access your current browser and computer settings and provide you with additional information on how to modify the settings:

-Browser Compatibility Check

2) Pages loading slowly or not at all

When loading DHTML content in a browser, if the content seems to load
abnormally slow it can be due to your particular connection to the
Internet. However, if you have a fast connection such as a broadband
Internet connection, which generally should be very fast and the content
is loading slowly, this could be due to caching preferences.

Your browser has caching preferences, which allow you to configure when
the browser should fetch a file from the Web Server versus simply
grabbing a copy of that file that might already exist in your browser's
cache. It has been noticed that in Internet Explorer, the cache setting
"check for a newer version of stored pages on every visit to the page"
can cause long delays as content loads from the server, whereas if you
set the value to "Automatically Check "the problem appears to go away.

To pick up the updated pages, click the 'refresh' button on your
browser. If this is unsuccessful, hold down the control key and click
refresh or press the F5 key on your keyboard. Your browser should then
pick up the updated page (if one is available). It is also possible that
your cache folder is getting exceptionally full. Clearing your cache can
result in faster load times.

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3) Screen Resolution and Scrolling Problems

The background sizes of each of the lessons has been configured to show the entire content without having the need to scroll to find the navigation bars. However, there are times when the lesson appears with scroll bars. This is primarily due to the screen resolution and the size of the browser windows. The following are some solutions to fix this problem:

  • Make sure that your browser window is maximized. Click on the button next to the small X in the right hand corner.
  • Hit F11 to hide/minimize the menu buttons on the top of the browser window. Hitting F11 again will return you to the original settings.
  • If your screen resolution is set to 800x600 then you may still have scrolling issues with the lessons. To change your screen resolution, do a right mouse click on your desktop. Select properties. Select the settings tab. Adjust the pixel settings to 1024x768. Click on apply

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